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Capsules compatible with Bialetti® capsules with our Bar Blend flavor. Full-bodied with an intense flavor: café-style coffee at your home.  

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N° pezzi 100
Corposità 4/5
Aroma 3/5
Roasting 8/10
Brand Ideal Caffè Stagnitta Stagnitta di Vincenza Stagnitta s.a.s.

Bar Blend, or Café Blend, is the result of Stagnitta’s long tradition obtained by blending the best Robusta (India, Africa, Indonesia) and Arabica (Honduras, Venezuela, Panama, Kenya, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia) coffees currently on the market.

A skilful compromise that combines the body of the first type with the aroma and creaminess of the second one, creating a perfect "Italian-style" coffee with a pleasant appearance, a gratifying flavor and a long-lasting aftertaste that will delight you.

This blend allows you to enjoy a perfect cup of café-style coffee at home any time of the day.

Bialetti® brands is not owned by Ideal Caffè Stagnitta di Vincenza Stagnitta S.a.S. nor by any company connected to it.

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