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100% Arabica Blend is perfect for those who love coffee with an intensely-scented, slightly acidic aroma. It has a full-bodied strong flavor and an intense but delicate aftertaste.

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N° pezzi 100
Corposità 1/5
Acidità 4/5
Aroma 5/5
Roasting 7/10
Brand Ideal Caffè Stagnitta Stagnitta di Vincenza Stagnitta s.a.s.

100% Arabica Blend is obtained exclusively from Arabica coffee.

It is only made up of the finest varieties from different countries including Honduras, Venezuela, Panama, Kenya, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia.

This blend is ideal for those who love coffee with a very fragrant taste and slightly acidic aroma. Well-balanced and full-bodied with an intense and yet at the same time delicate aftertaste.

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