In the heart of the old town of Palermo, in the ancient “Discesa dei Giudici”, surrounded by tenth of splendid monuments, you can find the antique shop of the “Ideal Caffè Stagnitta”, a landmark for the Palermitains, and not only, lovers of good taste, lovers of good coffee. The inside still unchanged since the last restructuring which took place in the ’50. precious are the tow sculptures in wood (125X230) signed by the illustrious maestro cabinetmaker D’Angelo in 1951, from Palermo. Represent the antique art of exploitation of coffee, which continue since ever in the exotic countries. Characteristic and unique the decor of the local, rich, warm, typical of shops of onetime. Everyday, during the first hours of the morning, is possible to follow the elaboration of coffee, which from crude became roasted and then mixed in front of the attached clientele. Since decades all the habitants around have the pleasure of waking up absorbed in the flavor of coffee just roasted , experience that nicely overtake even who is passing accidentally from there.

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