The choice

The choice of crude coffee is the first important step for the success of a good coffee. In nature, exist different species of coffee, among these the most spread are the “Robusta” and the “Arabica”. The Robusta has the property to confer build to the coffee, while the Arabica has the property to confer aroma and flavour to our beverage. The choice of crude coffee is made when it’s clear the finale result that we would like to obtain, through the masterly mixing of more than one type of coffee. In the world, there is a thousand of different species of coffee, from different countries, and knowing how to choose those appropriately represents one of the roaster secrets. Among a lot, we remember the Jamaica Blue Mountain, the Hawaii Capitan Cook, the Ethiopia Moka Sidamo, and finally the recent Kopi Luwak, that has extraordinary sensorial capacity. Must remember that coffee is a fruit and then inconstant in time, indeed it’s easy to find some sensorial differences in tow different crops of the same quality of coffee. Here where play an important role the mastery of the roaster, to know vary the composition of the own mixing to obtain a precise taste, searching for an aroma almost constant in time, which, at the end, represents the signature of the own coffee. Certainly this wisdom contradistinguishes our coffee, and it’s the careful choice of crude coffee and the awareness that only the best harvests, only the best species and qualities, can be considered. The high experience reached confer us the ability to face with certitude and determination, this first phase, of the long productive chain of coffee.

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