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What decreed the success of the name Stagnitta was, first of all, the seriousness that distinguishes us during all these years. Only if in all the phases of the long chain of production, that brings the coffee from the berry plant to our coffee cup, is realized that processing, apprehension of an antique and renowned tradition, is possible to understand what the secret that distinguishes us is. Nowadays believe in the antique traditions is certainly more difficult than before: at a time where the precious work of a man loose its value in front of the omnipotence of the machine is a reason of pride still believe, as it was wisely, and with fatigue, bequeathed from our forefathers. Still today, indeed, as once, all the productive phase take place under our careful supervision, limiting as possible the intervention of new technologies. And then it’s a reason of pride seeing a new client turn back once more, a sign that the way undertaken is the right one, a sign that the tradition will go on in the future.

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