The roasting

The roasting represents the most delicate moment in the preparation of coffee. For us this antique art, that, since the beginning of the ’90 we hand down from father to son, represents the heritage more important to preserve and guard. On roasting depends the final colour, the flavour, the coffee aroma, and only an aware use of the coffee roaster, through the choice of right times, allow to obtain a good coffee. Roasting a type of coffee means to know it very well, to know its qualities and defaults and know how to exalt them, or “to hide” according to the need, according to the “signature” that we would like to give to it. It’s impossible to obtain all this through the use of modern machines, it represents, for us lovers of coffee, something from which escape. And exactly in the roasting where resides the antique taste of our coffee, that confer to this black gold an unmistakable flavour, recognizable even after time, a symbol for a hole generation of Sicilians and not only, in our historical sale’s point where guard sweet and far memories, worthy of a family tradition.

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